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The central library was established with 200 books in the year 1997. Since then Central Library is growing up gradually catching hands of some workers. Some efficient staff, Mr. Sibasish Chatterjee, Mr. Anup Kumar Modak, Mr. AnandagopalChattaraj, Mr.Giridhari Das are of them. Then college got a permanent Librarian through the recommendation of the College Service Commission in 2017. Mr.Ananda Manna is the first Librarian of this college through CSC.
Now Central Library is rich with more than nineteen hundred books covering all twenty subject fields both Honours and Programme run by the college. This library is not only equipped with textbooks but also equipped with reference books, books for amusement, recreation, local history, travelogue, books on cultural aspects etc.
Also, the central library procures some academic journals, job journals, magazines, newspapers etc. Also, the central library subscribes to N-LIST (an initiative by INFLIBNET) for the advance and research-oriented and carrier oriented students.
This library is being automated through Koha (an Integrated Library Management Software)covering the service area such as OPAC, circulation transaction, technical processing, patron card creation etc. and digitised through Dspace (a digital software) from which some digital content may be searched and downloaded.
Some departments of this college have seminar libraries to cater for the needs of the departmental students.
This central library is under CC TV surveillance to control the activities of the users within the central library.

Contact Info


Mr. Ananda Manna


SL.No. Name Designation Qualification
1 Mr. Ananda Manna Librarian Master of Library Science (M.L.I.S.)
2 Mr. Anup Kumar Modak Assistant Librarian Master of Library Science (M.L.I.S.)
3 Mr. Ananda Gopal Chattaraj Library Clerk
4 Mr. Giridhari Das Library Attendant
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