The Department of Education was established in the year 2007. Prof. Mintu Halder was then the departmental in-charge. In 2017, Mr. Prosanta Saha had joined the department as an Assistant Professor and he is serving as Head of the Department since then. Ms. Anushree Ghosh, Mr. Sekh Abdul Samim, and Mr. Alauddin Middya, the other faculties, have been doing their job efficiently and relentlessly. The department is offering B.A. Honours in Education with forty intake capacity as well as Generic Elective for other Honours students. There are two well-equipped classrooms for education in our college. There has been a consistency of good results in university examinations from this department. Most of the time, students of this department achieved a higher rank in the university examination. A number of alumni are pursuing their higher studies in different prestigious universities nationwide.

There are a large number of B.Ed. Colleges (Govt.& Private) in and around Durgapur and B.Ed. is compulsory for the School Teachers, so there is a huge scope and a good career option for the students of education.

Department Contact Info

Head of the Department
Prosanta Saha

SL.No. Name Designation
1 Prosanta Saha Assistant Professor (H.O.D.)
2 Anushree Ghosh State Aided College Teacher – II
3 Alauddin Middya State Aided College Teacher – II
4 Sekh Abdul Samim State Aided College Teacher – I
SL.No. Course Name Duration Seats
1 B.A. Hons in Education 3 Years 40
Sl. No. Authors  / Editors Name Title of Book (Vol) Publishers
1 S. K. Mangal Advanced Educational Psychology PHI
2 D. B. Rao Teacher Education in India Discovery Publishing House, New Delhi
3 Y. K Sharma Fundamental Aspects of Educational Technology Kanishka Publishers.
4 J.C. Aggarwal Essentials of Educational Technology Vikas Publishing House
5 J. P. Banerjee Education In India (Vol-I & II) Central Library
6 SP Chaube & A Chaube Education In Ancient And Medieval India Vikash Publishing Pvt. Ltd.
7 J.C. Aggarwal History of Modern Indian Education Vikas Publishing House
8 BR Purkait Milestone In Modern Indian Education New Central Book Agency
9 J.C. Aggarwal Theory & Principles of Education Vikas Publishing House
10 BR Purkait Principles and Practices of Education New Central Book Agency
11 Ajit Das & Pranay Pandey Yoga Education Rita Book Agency
12 OP Dhiman Philosophical Foundations of Education Kalpaz Publications
13 Rajesh R Sharma Philosophical and Sociological Foundation of Education APH Publishing Corporation
14 VC Pandey Value Education and Education for Human Right Isha Books
15 Pratibha Upadhyay Education for Peace Kalpaz Publications
16 J.C. Aggarwal Essentials of Educational Psychology Vikas Publishing House
17 VC Pandey Sociology and Education in the Indian Context Isha Books
18 Shri Prakash Educational Planning Gyan Publishing House
19 OP Goel School Organisation and Management Isha Books
20 J Mohanty Teacher Education Deep  & Deep Publishing Pvt Ltd.
21 Aruna Goel & SL Goel Distance Education Deep  & Deep Publishing Pvt Ltd.
22 SS Chauhan Principles and Techniques of Guidance Vikas Publishing House
23 SP Chaube & A Chaube School Organisation Vikas Publishing House
24 Atul Jain Computer in Education Isha Books
25 SK Mangal Advanced Educational Psychology PHI
26 SS Chauhan Advanced Educational Psychology Vikas Publishing House
27 VC Pandey Environmental Education
28 Jayanta Mete & P. Biswas Knowledge and Curriculum Rita Publication
29 Radha Mohan Measurement, Evaluation and Assessment in Education PHI
30 L Koul Methodology of Educational Research Vikas Publishing House
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