The Department started its journey in 2001 with the General Course. Thereafter in 2007, the Honours Course commenced. Presently the Intake Capacity of the Department in Honours Course is 20. In 2013, the Department established its own Numerical Laboratory. Five Faculties nurtured the Department with their relentless effort to maintain the present level of standard. At present Prof. Palash Goswami is serving the department as Head. Other faculties include Prof. Kajal Chatterjee, Prof. Dalbinder Kour, Dr. Pushpa Sharma, and Prof. Soumen Maji. The Teacher-Student relationship is very cordial. In case of any academic or non-academic problems the Teacher always help them wholeheartedly and the students also feel free to share their problems. The department has a computer laboratory that was established in the year of 2013 for computer-aided numerical practicals. A good number of books are purchased for the College Library every year. Concerned about the growing need of the students the Department established a Seminar Library (for the Reading purpose only) last year which comprise of 62 books whereas there are around 1100 books in Central library concerned with this department. The Department also provides a lot of e-books in the e-Library in the Computer Laboratory for use of the students. This shows the literature’s strength in the department. For the session of 2015-2016, the success rate of this department is 75%.

Department Contact Info

Head of the Department
Prof. Palash Goswami

SL.No. Name Designation
1 Prof. Palash Goswami Assistant Professor (H.O.D.)
2 Dr. Kajal Chatterjee State Aided College Teacher – I
3 Dr. Pushpa Sharma State Aided College Teacher – I
4 Saikat Majee State Aided College Teacher – II
5 Saswati Mukherjee State Aided College Teacher – II
SL.No. Course Name Duration Seats
1 B.Sc. Hons in Mathematics 3 Years 25
2 B.Sc. Program in Mathematics 3 Years

List of recommended books for Mathematics (Honours)

Sl. No. Authors  / Editors Name Title of Book (Vol) Publishers
1. K.C.Maity & R.K.Ghosh Differential Calculus (An Introduction to Analysis) Part –I NCBA
2. A. Mukherjee & N.K.Bej A Ground Book ofDifferential Calculus Shreetara Prakashani
3. S.K.Mapa Real Analysis Sarat Book Store
4. Shanti Narayan & M.D.Raisinghania Elements of Real Analysis S.Chand
5. R.G.Bartle & D.Sherbert Introduction to Real Analysis Wiley
6. R.R.Goldberg Methods of Real Analysis Oxford  & IBH Publ. Co.
7. S.C.Malik & S. Arora Mathematical Analysis New Age International
8. Shanti Narayan & P.K.Mittal A Course of Mathematical Analysis S.Chand
9. S.N.Mukhopadhyay & S.Mitra Mathematical Analysis  Vol. II U.N.Dhur & Sons
10. A.K.Chaudhury & P.Mondal Mathematical Analysis NCBA
11. W.Rudin Principles of Mathematical Analysis Mc-Graw Hill Company
12. K.C.Maity & R.K.Ghosh Integral Calculus (An Introduction to Analysis) Part –I NCBA
13. J.Sengupta Metric Space U.N.Dhur & Sons
14. J.N.Sharma Mathematical Analysis-I (Metric Space) Krishna Prakashan
15. P.K.Jain & K.Ahmed Metric Spaces Narosa
16. M.N.Mukherjee Elements of Metric Spaces Academic Publishers
17. S.Kumaresan Topology of Metric Spaces Narosa
18. S.Ganguly Elements of Complex Analysis Academic Publishers
19. J.K.Goyal, K.Pgupta & G.S.Gupta Functions of a Complex Variable Pragati  Prakashan
20. S.Ponnusamy Foundations of Complex Analysis Narosa
21. Shanti & P.K.Mittal Theory of Functions of a Complex Variable S.Chand
22. M.R.Spiegel, S.Lipschutz Complex Variables McGraw Hill
23. S.Ponnusamy Foundations of Functional Analysis Narosa
24. B.V.Limaye Functional Analysis New Age International
25. E.Kreyszig Introductory Functional Analysis with Applications John Wiley & Sons
26. G.F.Simmons Introduction to Topology and Modern Analysis McGraw Hill Education
27. B.Mendelson Introduction to Topology Dover
28. J.R.Munkres Topology Pearson
29. S.K.Mapa Higher Algebra (Abstract & Linear) Sarat Book Store
30. M.K.Sen, S.Ghosh & P.Mukhopadhyay Topics in Abstract Algebra Universities Press
31. P.B.Bhattacharya,S.K.  Jain & S.R.Nagpaul Basic Abstract Algebra Cambridge University Press
32. J.A.Gallian Contemporary Abstract Algebra Cengage
33. J.B.Fraleigh A First Course In Abstract Algebra Pearson
34. I.N.Hersein Topics in Algebra Wiley
35. P.K.Nayak Linear Algebra:Concepts & Applications Books & Allied
36. A.R.Vashistha Linear Algebra Krishna Prakashan
37. P.K.Saikia Linear Algebra Pearson
38. S.Lipschutz & M.Lipson Linear Algebra McGraw Hill
39. K.Hoffman & R Kunze Linear Algebra Pearson Education India
40. S.H.Friedberg, A.J.Insel & L.E.Spence Linear Algebra Pearson Education India
41. S.Kumaresan Linear Algebra A Geometric Approach Prentice Hall of India
42. S.K.Mapa Higher Algebra (Classical) Sarat Book Store
43. C.B. Das & P.K.Gouri Introduction to Classical Algebra Books & Allied
44. R.M.Khan Algebra (Classical, Modern, Linear & Boolean) NCBA
45. S.K.Pundir Classical Algebra CBS Publishers
46. A.K.Chaudhury Introduction to Number Theory NCBA
47. I.Niven, H.S.Zuckerman & H.L.Montgomery An Introduction to the Theory of Numbers Wiley
48. D.Burton Elementary Number Theory McGraw Hill Education
49. P.R.Ghosh & J.G.Chakraborty Differential Equations U.N.Dhur & Sons
50. A.Mukherjee & N.K.Bej Ordinary & Paritial Differential Equations Shreedhar Prakashani
51. R.Bronson Differential Equations McGraw Hill Education
52. M.D.Raisinghania Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations S.Chand
53. M.D.Raisinghania Advanced Differential Equations S.Chand
54. S.L.Ross Differential Equations Wiley
55. G.F.Simmons Differential Equations with Applications and Historical Notes McGraw Hill Education
56. T. Hillen, I.Leonard, H.V Rossel Partial Differential Equations Wiley
57. I.N.Sneddon Elements of Partial Differential Equations Dover Publications
58. R.M.Khan Analytical Geometry of Two & Three Dimensions NCBA
59. A.Mukherjee & N.K.Bej Analytical Geometry of Two & Three Dimensions Books & Allied
60. P.R.Vittal Analytical Gemetry of 2D & 3D Pearson
61. M.C.Chaki A Text Book of Analytical Geometry Calcutta Publishers
62. U.Chatterjee, N.Chatterjee Vector and Tensor Analysis Academic Publishers
63. P.R.Ghosh & J.C.Chakraborty Vector Analysis U.N.Dhur
64. M.R.Spiegel, S.Lipschutz & D.Spellman Vector Analysis McGraw Hill Education
65. P.K.Nayak Vector Algebra & Analysis with Applications Orient
66. M.C.Chaki A Text Book of Tensor Calculus Calcutta Publishers
67. P.K.Nayak Tensor Calculus & Differential Geometry Prentice Hall of India
68. Dr. Dilip Kumar Das Tensor Calculus Joydurga Library
69. Barryspain Tensor Calculus : A Concise Course Dover
70. A.R.Vashistha & J.N.Sharma Differential  Geometry Krishna
71. S.Ganguly, S.Saha Analytical Dynamics of a Particle including Elements of Statics NCBA
72. F. Chorlton A Text Book of Dynamics E.Horwood
73. A.S.Ramsay Dynamics Vol I & II Cambridge
74. S.L.Loney The Elements of Statics & Dynamics Arihant
75. M.C.Ghosh Analytical Statics NCBA
76 Md. Motiur Rahman Statics NCBA
77. S.Pradhan & S.Sinha Analytical Statics Academic Publishers
78. S.L.Loney An Elementary Treatise on Statics Radha Publishing Co.
79. S.Mondal Advanced Analytical Statics U.N.Dhur & Sons
80. Md. Motiur Rahman Rigid Dynamics NCBA
81. S.L.Loney An Elementary Treatise on the Dynamics of a Particle and of Rigid Bodies New Age International
82. A.Mukherjee & N.K.Bej Advanced Mechanics Shreedhar Prakashani
83. M.R.Spiegel Theory & Problems of Theoretical Mechanics McGraw Hill Education
84. J.M.Kar Hydrostatics Globe Library
85. Md.Motiur Rahman Hydrostatics NCBA
86. A.Mukherjee & N.K.Bej Advanced Hydrostatics Shreetara Prakashani
87. P.M.Karak Linear Programming & Theory of Games NCBA
88. J.G.Chakraborty & P.R.Ghosh Linear Programming & Game Theory Moulik LIbrary
89. D.C.Sanyal, K.Das Linear Programming & Game Theory U.N.Dhur & Sons
90. A.Mukherjee & N.K.Bej Advanced Linear Programming & Game Theory Books & Allied
91. H.A.Taha Operations Research An Introduction Pearson
92. G.Hadley Linear Programming Pearson
93. S.Kalavathy Operations Research Vikas
94. S.A.Mollah Numerical Analysis & Computational Procedures Books & Allied
95. D.C.Sanyal, K.Das Numerical Analysis U.N.Dhur & Sons
96. J.B.Scarborough Numerical Mathematical Analysis Oxford & IBH Publishers
97. B.Bradie A Friendly Introduction to Numerical Analysis Pearson
98. M.K.Sen, B.C.Chakraborty Introduction to Discrete Mathematics Books & Allied
99. K.H.Rosen Discrete Mathematics & Its Applications McGraw Hill Education
100. C.Liu Elements of Discrete Mathematics : A Computer Oriented Approach McGraw Hill Education
101. E. Goodaire and M. Parmenter Discrete Mathematics with Graph Theory Pearson
102. Narsingh Deo Graph Theory with Applications to Engineering & Computer Science Prentice Hall of India
103. F.Hararay Graph Theory Narosa
104. J.Clark, D.A.Holton A First Look at Graph Theory World Scientific
105. J.K.Goyal, K.P.Gupta Laplace & Fourier Transforms Pragati Prakashan
106. C.Xavier C Language & Numerical Methods New Age
107. E.Balagurusamy Programming in ANSI C McGraw Hill
108. A.Mukherjee Fundamental Treatise on Probability & Statistics Shreetara Prakashani
109. A.Banerjee, S.K.De & S.Sen Mathematical Probability U.N.Dhur & Sons
110. S.K.De & S.Sen Mathematical Statistics U.N.Dhur & Sons
111. A.P.Baisnab & M.Jas Elements of Probability & Statistics McGraw Hill Education
112. S.Ross A First Course in Probability Pearson
113. S.M.Ross Introductory Statistics Academic Publishers

List of recommended books for Mathematics (Programme)

Sl. No. Authors  / Editors Name Title of Book (Vol) Publishers
1. B.C.Das & B.N.Mukherjee Differential Calculus U.N. Dhar & Sons
2. Shantinarayn Differential Calculus S.Chand & Sons
3. B.C.Das & B.N.Mukherjee Integral Calculus U.N. Dhar & Sons
4. Shantinarayn Integral Calculus S.Chand & Sons
5. Dipak Chatterjee Integral Calculus Including Differential Equations Tata McGraw Hill
6. Daniel A.Murray Introductory Course in Differential Equations Andesite Press
7. P.R.Ghosh & J.G.Chakraborty Higher  Algebra U.N. Dhar & Sons
8. K.C.Maity & R.K.Ghosh Higher  Algebra NCBA
9. P.R.Ghosh & J.G.Chakraborty Analytical Geometry & Vector Analysis U.N. Dhar & Sons
10. R.M.Khan Analytical Geometry & Vector Analysis Central
11. S.Ganguly & S.Saha Analytical  Dynamics  of  a  Particle NCBA
12. N.Dutta & R.N.Jana Dynamics  of  a  Particle NCBA
13. Arup  Mukherjee Probability  &  Statistics Shreetara Prakashani
14. P.M.Karak Linear  Programming NCBA
15. D.C.Sanyal, K.Das Introduction  to  Linear  Programming U.N. Dhar & Sons
16. S.A.Mollah Introduction to Numerical Analysis NCBA
17. D.C.Sanyal, K.Das Introduction to Numerical Analysis U.N. Dhar & Sons
18. Arup Mukherjee Fundamental Treatise on Linear Programming, Numerical Methods & Computer Programming in FORTRAN & C
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