The department of microbiology was initiated in the year of 2006 as honours degree course. Since the day of inception, the department is being nurtured under the headship of Prof. Aparupa Khan. At present Prof. Arpan Dasgupta and Prof. Shubhadip Mukherjee is also serving the department with Mr. Aslam Parvez as lab attendant. The department has a well-equipped laboratory notably with laminar airflow, spectrophotometer, cold centrifuge, BOD incubator etc. It has a separate culture room for bacterial culture and molecular biology experiments setup. The departmental library has a collection of 90 books along with around 150 books of international standard in the central library. The department has good waste management practice to avoid microbial waste pollution in the surrounding environment. This department does a survey of microbial quality testing of college drinking water and canteen foods periodically. In this academic session, this department had 81% of passed students among which two of the students secured rank in Burdwan University.

Department Contact Info

Head of the Department
Dr. Kirat Kumar Ganguly


SL.No. Name Designation
1 Dr. Kirat Kumar Ganguly Assistant Professor (H.O.D.)
2 Mrs. Aparupa Khan State Aided College Teacher – II
3 Mr. Arpan Dasgupta State Aided College Teacher – I
4 Mr. Subhadip Mukherjee State Aided College Teacher – II
4 Ms. Monami Mondal Guest Lecturer
SL.No. Course Name Duration Seats
1 B.Sc. Hons in Microbiology 3 Years 40
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