The department was established with the initiation of the college, but the honours course was introduced in 2004 under the headship of Prof. Swatikana Mandal. This department offers a three-year degree course in Bachelor of Arts. Intake Capacity is 30 Students (Honours). Philosophy Department dedicated to the idea of the unity of mankind. The department has endeavored over the year to make students aware of the richness of thoughts of the world and also of the urgent need for intellectual appreciation and understanding. The keynote of every activity the department does is: Respect for others’ points of view and assimilation and acceptance of as much of them as possible for one’s own enrichment. Apart from the basic function of making one think rationally, the subject Philosophy has been of great help to scores of people. Many of the students are well placed in society. The pass rate of the department was 100%. Departmental lecture debates are held from time to time. The students participate in departmental exhibitions under specific topics related to Swami Vivekananda, Rabindranath, Radhakrishnan, GoutamBuddha. Students also participate in Institutional Social Responsibility (ISR). They have also organized departmental seminars on Advaita Vedanta and Science where the resource person was distinguished Maharaj of Ramakrishna Mission and participated in the exhibition in Kalpataru fair-2016 on the theme of Eco awareness and Spirituality.

Department Contact Info

Head of the Department
Sangita Goutam

SL.No. Name Designation
1 Sangita Goutam Assistant Professor (H.O.D.)
2 Swatikana Mondal State Aided College Teacher – I
3 Mrs. Madhuchhanda Chatterjee State Aided College Teacher – II
4 Mrs. Indrani Mitra State Aided College Teacher – II
SL.No. Course Name Duration Seats
1 B.A. Hons in Philosophy 3 Years 30
2 B.A. Program in Philosophy 3 Years
1 1st SEM. & 2nd SEM. HONOURS    C-1  & C-3 S. C. Chatterjee & D. M. Dutta An  Introduction to Indian Philosophy CALCUTTA UNIVERSITY  PRESS
2 1st SEM. & 2nd SEM. HONOURS     C-1  & C-3 C. D. Sharma A Critical Survey of Indian Philosophy Motilal Banarsidass Publishers
3 1st SEM. & 2nd SEM. HONOURS    C-1  & C-3 S.N. Dasgupta A History of Indian Philosophy Motilal Banarsidass Publishers
4 1st SEM. HONOURS      C-1  & C-3 M. Hiriyanna Outlines of Indian Philosophy Motilal Banarsidass
5 1st SEM. HONOURS     C-1  & C-3 Prof. Pradyot  kumar Mondal Bharatiya  Darshan Progressive  Publisher
6 1st SEM. HONOURS    C-1  & C-3 Nirod Baron Chakraborty Bharatiya  Darshan The Dhaka Students Library
7 1st SEM.  PROGRAM Dipak  kumar  Bagchi Bharatiya  Darshan Progressive  Publisher
8 1st SEM. PROGRAM S. C. Chatterjee & D. M. Dutta An  Introduction to Indian Philosophy CALCUTTA UNIVERSITY  PRESS
9 1ST SEM. GENERIC-ELECTIVE G. F. Stout A Manual of Psychology Hinds, Noble & Eldridge
10 1ST SEM. GENERIC-ELECTIVE Sadhan Chakraborti Monovidyar Prathamik Porichay Paschimbanga Rajya Pustak Parshad
11 1ST SEM. 2ND SEM. HONOURS & PROGRAM Y. Masih A Critical History of Western Philosophy Motilal Banarsidass
  12 1ST  SEM. 2ND SEM. HONOURS           C-2  & C-4 R. Falckenberg History of Modern Philosophy Progressive Publishers
13 1ST  SEM. 2ND SEM. HONOURS         C-2  &  C-4 F. Copleston A History of Philosophy [Vols. I, IV, V, & VII] Continuum Publishers
14 1ST  SEM. 2ND SEM. HONS.           C-2  &  C-4 Dr. Samarendra Bhattacharya Paschatya  Darsaner  Itihas Book  Syndicate Pvt. Ltd.
15 1ST  SEM. 2ND SEM. HONS.                         C-2  &  C-4 Nirod Baron Chakraborty Paschatya  Darsaner  Itihas Paschimbanga Rajya Pustak Parshad
16 3RD SEM. HONOURS    C-5 I. C. Sharma  Ethical Philosophies of India George Allen & Unwin Ltd.
17 3RD SEM. HONOURS    C-5 S. K. Maitra Ethics of the Hindus Calcutta University Press
18 3RD SEM. HONOURS    C-5 Sukhamoy Bhattacharya Pūrvamīmāṁsā Darśan Paschimbanga Rajya Pustak Parsad,
19 3RD SEM. HONOURS    C-5 Dipak kumar Bagchi Bharatiya  Nitividya Progressive Publishers
20 3RD SEM. HONOURS    &   GE , PROGRAM W. Lillie An Introduction to Ethics University Paperbacks
21 3RD SEM. HONOURS    C-6 J. S. Mackenzie  A Manual of Ethics Oxford UniversityPress
22 3RD SEM. HONOURS    C-6 P. Singer Practical Ethics Cambridge Universirty Press
23 3RD SEM. HONOURS & GE Somnath Chakraborty  Nītividyār Tattvakathā Progressive Publishers
24 3RD SEM. HONOURS    C-6 Somnath Chakraborty Kathāy Karme Ethics Progressive Publishers
25 3RD SEM. HONOURS,  PROGRAM, GE Dikshit Gupta Nītiśāstra Paschimbanga Rajya Pustak Parsad
26 3RD SEM. HONOURS    C-7 Narayan Chandra Goswami Tarkasaṁgraha of Annambhatta Snskrit Prakasak Bhander
27 3RD SEM. HONOURS    C-7 Annambhatta  Tarkasaṁgraha with Dīpikā      Progressive Publishers
28 3RD SEM. SEC HONS.  & PROG. Phanibhushan Tarkabagish (Ed.) Gautama :Nyāyasūtra: Phanibhushan Paschimbanga Rajya Pustak Parshad,
29 3RD SEM. SEC  HONS. & PROG. Phanibhushan Tarkabagish Nyāya Parichay Paschimbanga Rajya Pustak Parshad
30 3RD SEM. SEC  HONS. & PROG. Satischandra Chatterjee The Nyaya Theory of Knowledge Motilal Banarsidass
31 4TH SEM. HONOURS     C-8 &  SEC M. Copi, C. Cohen, Introduction to Logic Pearson
32 4th SEM HONOURS    C-8   &   SEC Sukla Chakraborty Tarka-vigyan Progressive Publishers
33 4TH SEM. HONS.  C-9 C.T.Morgan  & R.A.King Jr. Introduction to Psychology Tata McGraw–Hill Publishing Company Ltd.
34 4TH SEM. HONS.  C-9 Sadhan Chakraborti Monovidyar  Prathamik Porichay Paschimbanga Rajya Pustak Parshad
35 4th SEM. HONS.   C-9 Pritibhushan  Chattopadhyay Monovidya Modern Book Agency Pvt. Ltd.
36 4TH SEM. HONS.  C-9 Woodworth  & Marquis Psychology Holt
37 4TH SEM. HONS.  C-10 J. Hick Philosophy of Religion Prentice Hall of india
38 4TH SEM. HONS.  C-10 K.N.Tiwari  Comparative Religion Motilal Banarsidass
39 4TH SEM. HONS.  C-10 Pramodbandhu  Sengupta Dharma Darshan Banerjee Publishers.
40 4TH SEM. HONOURS Bimalendu Samanta Samaj  Darsan O Dharma  Darsan
42 5TH SEM. HONS.  C-11 R. M. MacIver & C. H. Page Society  Macmillan & CO LTD
43 5TH SEM. HONS.  C-11 P. Gisbert   Fundamentals of Sociology Oriental Longmans Private Ltd
44 5TH SEM. HONS.  C-11 Dr. Samarendra Bhattacharya  Rashtra Darsan O Samaj Darsan Book  Syndicate Pvt. Ltd.
45 5TH SEM. HONS.  C-12 P. Suppes Introduction to Logic East West Press Private Limited
46 5TH SEM. HONS.  DSE -1 Bertrand Russell The Problems of Philosophy Oxford University Press
47 5TH SEM. HONS.  DSE-1 Dr. Samarendra Bhattacharya Russell –er Darsan Samasya Book  Syndicate
48 5TH SEM. HONS.  DSE-2 Joy Bhattacharjee                             Shibaditya-Birochito- Saptapadārthī Ramkrishna Mission Institute of Culture   
49 5TH SEM. PROGRAM  DSE Debiprasad Chattopadhyay Lokāyata Darśana New Age Publisher’s PVT.
50 5TH SEM. PROGRAM   DSE Debiprasad Chattopadhyay Lokayata: A study in Ancient Indian Materialism People’s Publishing House
51 5TH SEM. PROGRAM   SEC Phanibhushan Tarkabagish Gautama : Nyāyasūtra Paschimbanga Rajya Pustak Parshad
52 5TH SEM. PROGRAM  SEC B.K. Matilal Perception Oxford University Press
53 5TH SEM. PROGRAM  GE Pritibhusan  Chattopadhyay Monovidya Modern  Book  Agency
54 6TH SEM. HONS.  C-13 B. K. Lal Contemporary Indian Philosophy Motilal Banarsidass
55 6TH SEM. HONS.  C-14 Swapna  Sarkar Astivadi  Darsan  O  Pratibhasa  Vigyan Progressive  Publishers
56 6TH SEM. HONS.  C-14 Dr. Amit Kumar  Sen Bingsha  Shatabdir  Paschatya Darshan Nabodaya  Publications
57 6TH SEM. HONS. DSE -3 David Hume An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding Progressive Publishers,
58 6TH SEM. HONS. DSE-4 Rabindranath Tagore Sādhanā- The Realization of Life Rupa.Co
59 6TH SEM. HONS. DSE-4 Nila  Das Sadhana: Jibaner  Upalabdhi Signet  Press
60 6TH SEM. PROGRAM  DSE Joy Bhattacharjee                             Shibaditya-Birochito- Saptapadārthī Ramkrishna Mission Institute of Culture   
61 6TH SEM. PROG. SEC Dr. Samarendra Bhattacharya Darshanik  Bisleshaner  Bhumika Book  Syndicate
62 6TH SEM. PROG. GE Sukla Chakraborty Tarka-vigyan Progressive  Publishers
63 6TH SEM. PROG. GE M. Copi, C. Cohen Introduction to Logic Pearson



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