Code Of Conduct

  • Students must maintain strict discipline. They must be decently dressed and should refrain from any sort of activities, which are unbecoming of the students. Any sort of indiscipline activities would lead to rustication from college.
  • Any sort of vandalism like breaking of furniture, college properties or misappropriating any items of the college would lead to fine, punishments or both. Students must attend their classes regularly.
  • If anyone is compelled to absent himself / herself for a number of days consecutively, he or she must inform the principal of the matter well in advance.
  • If they fail to pay college fees within notified dates , fines as fixed by the college authorities would have to be paid College is the Alma matter, sacred temple of learning Students should bear this in mind and do nothing which would vitiate or taint the ambience of the college.
  • Loyalty to and love for the college is expected from the students.